LED display screen container body (P10 standard)

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The scientific and technological products Co., Ltd. of the new master in Cangzhou are that specialities are devoted to the factory producing LED display screen container body.
The display screen container body outer cover which our company produces: Standard, it is non-standard, simple and easy, waterproof, magnetic suction, pieces of screen, arcual to reject, before if you can't maintain, reject,etc., the size makes by oneself, structural efficiency is great, planeness is good, exchange splice.
Our company accepts and designs processing display screen container body of various heterotypic LED, so long as you offer quantity to the die set and arrange, can design selling your satisfactory container body for you.
The waterproof container body of the display screen, are suitable for the installation of outdoor display screen, ventilate, waterproof, the intensity is great, planeness is good, adopt A3 cold rolling steel sheet to be made, outdoor powder electrostatic spraying is able to bear corroding, ageing-resistant.

Pack: Carton
Type: P10 standard
Specification: 640*640
Output: 10000 sets per month
Trade mark: New master

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