LED Landscape Lamp ( Artistic type)

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The material explains:
The lamp is that a iron / aluminum products or high-quality stainless steel is may that the static is gushed out and moulded after the hot dip galvanizing of steel body
The surface gushes out the outdoor powder
The fastener screws, nuts are irons / stainless steel
Technical parameter:
The lamp shade covers or imports PMMA material for acryl
Light source: Electricity-saving lamp or high light LED light source
Protection grade: IP54, IP55, IP65
Preparation method:
Deal with by gushing out zinc, stainless steel polishing treatment
Applicable place: Public place, square, shopping precinct, park, cluster of the villa, greenbelt, hotel,etc..
Note: Must guarantee the safety grounding of the lamp at the time of installation.
LED lighting design theory
The appearance of LED has broken the design method of the traditional light source and thinking, there are two kinds of latest design ideas at present.
1.The scene is lighted: Design the lamps and lanterns with the demand of the environment. The scene illumination regards place as the home, aim at building a kind of beautiful, beautiful illumination environment, go to set off the scene result by contrast, make people feel that there are scene atmospheres.
2.The ambience is lighted: Design the lamps and lanterns with people's demand. The ambience illumination regards people's emotion as the home, create the illumination environment like a kind of artistic conception in terms of people. The ambience illumination includes four respects: First, environmental protection and energy saving, second, healthy, third, intelligent, fourth, humanization.

Colour temperature: Exactly white
Use: Courtyard
Protection grade: IP66
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 100,000h
Input voltage: 110-240V
Shiny color: White
Diffuser plate: Aluminium / aluminum alloy
Electric current type: AC
The height of the lamp post: 4-6m


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