LED fluorescent tube T8 1.2 meters

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The method of erection:
It is very simple to install LED daylight lamp, the fluorescent tube of T5 takes the original daylight lamp off changing LED daylight lamp while installing, let 220V exchange city power to add to both ends of LED daylight lamp directly. Must guard against not moving the modulator tube on the support in T5 modulator tube, wait for 10 seconds movably after the deenergization.
T8 and T10 can share support, take original fluorescent tube off, take down glow starter all right.

Operation instructions:
LED fluorescent tube put on, make up tube by half half aluminum pipe PC, make up a piece of glower by circuit board and the intersection of lamp strip and the intersection of power and all part and then. It need, dispel the heat, one day the intersection of duration and over 20 hours such as house. This modulator tube uses the modulator tube for the indoor, there are no water-proof performance. The Applicable temperature 10 degrees below zero is to 50 degrees.

Applicable scope:
Room lighting such as the office building, factory, store, school, house.

Pack: Neutral
Type: T8
Specification: 1.2 meters
Trade mark: FLD
Shiny color: Exactly white
Outer cover type: Milky white
Use: Room lighting
Shape: Bar
Light: Spot light, astigmatism
Lamp holder: G13
Input voltage: 220V
Modulator tube: 26mm