LED catch frame light (SK-D-MR161T)

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First, product technical parameter
Material: Pigeonhole cast aluminium while being good
The size of the products: D110xH110mm
Trepan the size: 80*80mm
Shell color: Color of pure aluminium, alluvial gold, sand silver, black
Working voltage: 85-265V, 12V, 24V,
Luminous flux: 80-110LM/W
Colour temperature: R/G/B/Y/W
Operating temperature: 40-65
Color rendering: 77%
Amount is only declined: 12% <(50000??)
High-power LED wall fitting products characteristic:
1,Unique possession patent radiator ( The temperature is lower than 50 degrees)
2,The light source adopts and ends the flute superbright LED1W or 3W full of trees
3,Available lens: 15/ 25/ 45/ 90 degrees of lens are available
4,Body material: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, safe tempered glass,
5,Standoff height: 2-10 meters
6,Lamps and lanterns built-in switching power supply, the input span of wide power: 90-250VAC, can also make into undervoltage 12V, 24V, 36V directly.
7,Constant current is driven, life-span is up to 50000 hours.

Two, loose strange LED wall fittings of advantage characteristics
1: It is extremely good that the alloy material distributes thermal behavior, its hot radiance, hot specific emission are 12 times that of alloy materials such as other metal,etc..
2: With press-casting, bar section, pottery, glass lamp cup are compared, XM alloy lamp cup is extremely light in weight, without bearing potential safety hazard, the same PAR38 magnitude only heavy 150g, can be suitable for many kinds of fields such as smallpox to use, easy installation and angle are regulated.
3: The appearance of the lamp cup polishes and throws a anodic oxidation, the sealing film is dealt with, the high strength is attractive and durable; Use, change color 8 year continuously, colour-fast, lose, reflect light membrane.
Because quick heat-conduction its, dispel the heat of good performance, can inhibit from smooth to decline effectively, lengthen the intersection of LED and life-span, the inboard wall sets up the recessive step and is the breadboard is laid steadily, avoid the luminous board is crooked, raise production efficiency and good article rate by a wide margin.
4: Because of fitting the rule standard of the satisfied global different countries, the products are carried out according to international standards such as CE, UL,etc. strictly from designing, making the MIDI, demand to authorize through European Union RoHS.
5: The lamp cup price of alloy is far lower than lamp cups such as press-casting, bar section, pottery,etc., comparing with has extra-high cost performance, under the same lamplight effect characteristic condition, the advantage that at absolute price.

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