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Main application characteristic:
Constant current ACLED: TGY220A, TGY38A, TGY56A66, TGY66A128, TGF7610A, TG9510A
Compare the following special function with other manufacturers AC LED:
1 has upper voltage to drive and protect the function, the voltage width is by 100% of the application of the voltage of the ultra standardized product
Compare with: (ordinary permanent voltage type ACLED does not have this function, the application area of voltage is this product standard 10% V)
For example: Permanent flow alternating current luminescent diode driving circuit employs the standardized product designed to be AC220V, can connect and exchange 220V, the like product can be connected to 380V voltage and can work (not need to add to be other and hold making) normally directly
High-temperature work automatic output power 2 is compared with: (ordinary ACLED needs to connect PTC)
3 high-frequency direct-flow work improves the lamplight effect
Compare with: (ordinary ACLED can, for light, whom LED too flicker while being shiny with per second the intersection of frequency and wheel of 60 in exchange of 60Hz)
4 permanent flow alternating current LED has constant luminance functions
Compare with: (ordinary constant voltage ACLED luminance follows the illumination intensity of voltage fluctuation and follows becoming)
TGY220A, TGY38A, TGF7610A, TG9510A appearance can employ and does not need to redesign metal aluminium base plate to add the air-cooling fin directly, the heat-sinking structure cooperates with the appearance design of the lamps and lanterns more easily.

Off-The-Shelf the intersection of AC LED and operating principle of light source show as in Fig. 2, adopt one the intersection of LED and the intersection of minification and crystalline grain alternating-sign to arrange the craft and is divided 5 bunches into while being matrix type, AC LED crystalline grain bunch makes up a similar rectifier bridge, both ends of the rectifier bridge link and exchange the source respectively, another both ends link a bunch of LED crystalline grain, the straight half cycle exchanged flows along the thorough fare of discontinuous line, 3 bunches of LED crystalline grain is shiny, shoulders half cycle and flows along the thorough fare of the dash line, there is 3 bunches of LED shiny crystalline grain, LED crystalline grain on four bridge arms is shiny by turns, LED crystalline grain on the relative bridge arm is shiny at the same time, the middle a bunch of LED crystalline grain has been shiny all the time because of sharing. Will be taken the place of and lighted in the exchange of 60Hz with the frequency wheel of 60 times per second. Direct current that rectifier bridge make the intersection of pulsation and direct current, LED shiny to too flicker, LED has deenergization afterglow that continues the photic characteristic, Yu Hui can keep for dozens of microseconds, because the human eye has inertia to the memory of luminous spot of flowing, it was continuously shiny that the work pattern of the shiny afterglow to LED light source of human eye was understood finally. LED half of time is working, half of time is having a rest, therefore can reduce to generate heat by 40%- 20%, so the life time of AC LED is longer than DC LED. But the shiny mode of this kind of AC LED has two defects: First, can employ the voltage range within the range of 10% of the voltage amplitude of the product standard; Second, illuminating brightness, electric current,etc. follow voltage fluctuation.

Permanent flow AC LED illuminator of the content of the utility model
The purpose of this utility model lies in overcoming the deficiency of the prior art, propose a kind of permanent flow AC LED illuminator, by the ordinary LED extra AC alternating current, cooperate with Rectifier Module, integrated circuit to make up at the same time, can wide-voltage drive, have invariable illuminating brightness, narrow too in the intersection of light and driving voltage in order to overcome Off-The-Shelf AC LED, the illuminating brightness is unstable, the defect such as being unstable of working at high temperature.


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