600W LED plant light (JN-PS300RAGZ)

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The mere environment is one of the vital important physical environmental factors of growth and development of the plant, adjust through precursor, control the plant morphochoresis to be an important technology of facility culture fields.

As the fourth generation of new lighting source, LED has the characteristics that a lot of are different from other electric light sources (Table 1) ,This makes it become the choosing first of energy-concerving and environment-protective light source too. Apply to the plant and train LED of the field to still display the following characteristics: Wavelength type is abundant, just only formates and coincides with only morphogenetic spectral range with the plant; Half a width in spectral wave width, can make up and get pure homogeneous light and complex spectrum according to the need, ; Can concentrate the light of the particular wavelength on illuminating crops balancedly; Not only can regulate crops and bloom and durable but also still can control the nutrient component of a high and plant; The system generates heat few, the space usage is small, it can be used for the stereoscopic component system of multi-layer culture, have realized low thermal load and space miniaturization of the production; In addition, its specially strong serviceability has reduced the running cost. Because these apparent characteristics, LED is very suitable for applying to the plant growing in the controllable facility environment, if plant tissue culture, the intersection of facility and horticulture and grow seedlings while being factory and the intersection of spaceflight and ecology grow, protect system,etc..

Input voltage
Lumen value
Operating temperature
A 35 deg; C ~ 55