T8 18W 1.2m LED fluorescent tube

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Hubei cloud Sichuan photoelectric T8 18W 1.2m LED daylight lamp tube 3014 tag

Photoelectricity scientific and technological Co., Ltd. Hubei LED manufacturer which produce Hubei LED daylight lamp of the producer of Sichuan of cloud of Hubei
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Cloud Sichuan photoelectric LED daylight lamp of Hubei


Oxidize fabrication processing succinctly and in good taste, it is convenient to install.

The characteristic is steady, built-in high-performance constant current power supply, without noise, non-stroboscopic, protect eyesight, the conformance of light color is good.

Longe-lived: The normal life time is more than 50,000 hours.

Green environment protective: There is not ultraviolet radiation, the harmful substance such as being non- mercurialized.

Unique two-shot optical PC cover, above 90% of light transmittance.

Available lamp shade: Milky white, transparent stripe, transparent.

Comprehensive parameter:

Input the power: 85-265VAC 50/60Hz

Drive the power: Isolated form, built-in

Colour temperature: 2700-7000K

Whole lamp efficiency: 70-90lm/W

Material: Aluminum alloy ( Lamp) , PMMA (the lens)

Employ the place:

Apply to store's, office building's, corridor's, factory's, home furnishing lighting etc. extensively.

Compare the advantage of the traditional daylight lamp:

There is no noise: LED modulator tube will not produce the noise, does good selecting to the playground using the accurate electron tube instrument, suitable for places such as the library, office,etc..

Protect eyes: What the traditional daylight lamp used is alternating current, so the one that will emerge 100-120 times per second is stroboscopic, but LED daylight lamp adopts constant current to work ' Change the alternating current into the direct current directly) ,Reduce LED to only decline effectively, starts fast, flicker free, protect eyes.

The voltage is adjustable: The traditional daylight lamp is lighted by the rectifier released upper voltage, it is unable to light as the stepping down of voltage. And LED modulator tube can be lighted within the voltage of a certain limit.

Firm and firm, the commonability is good: What LED lamp shade used is the intensity PC material, does not yellow with the passing of time, firm and firm, it is difficult to damage to meet by chance and fall merrily and lightheartedly, can rest assure of using. Lamp size and base's type adopt the national standard, and traditional fluorescent tube compatibility is good.

Safe and having stable quality, the quantity of heat dissipation is low, can work at low temperature - 30 , high-temperature 55 .

Production code number Whole lamp power (W) Luminous flux (lm) Physical dimension (mm) Remarks
WZ-T5-W06 6 W 420~560 lm D16*L600 mm Offer the support (include and drive the power inside)
WZ-T5-W09 9 W 630~810 lm D16*L900 mm
WZ-T5-W12 12 W 850~1100 lm D16*L1200 mm
WZ-T8-W09 9 W 680~800 lm D26*L600 mm The specification of the lamp holder: G13
WZ-T8-W12 12 W 960~1200 lm D26*L1200 mm
WZ-T8-W18 18 W 1250~1600 lm D26*L1200 mm
Pack: 50 / case
Type: WZ-T8-W18
Specification: T8
Output: 100000 per month
Trade mark: Yun Chuan
Shiny color: Exactly white
Outer cover type: Milky white
Use: Room lighting
Shape: Round
Light: White is colored
Lamp holder: G13
Input voltage: 85~265V
Power: 6W~18W
Luminous flux: 420~1600lm
Length: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm
Diameter: 5/8 inches, an inch of 16mm, 24mm
Whole lamp efficiency: 70~90lm/w

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