Three Yes led anion bulb

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LED principle and industry's classification
LED is the luminous ambipolar (Light Emitting Diode, LED) Abbreviation,too develop calling luminescent diode, the semiconductor assemble since as pilot lamp, display panel generally, but increase with technology at present, can already serve as light source, it not only can turn the electric energy into the light energy directly with high efficiency, and there is life time most as long as several tens of thousands of hours - 100,000 hours, possess at the same time and is not as good as the traditional bulb fragily, and can electric-saving,it is getting in environment protecting mode to be more have at the same time mercury-free, small and can if you can't apply by low-temperature environment, light source to, directivity, cause all to hurt little with colour gamut enriching advantaging.
With the appearance of the white light LED and infusion of more science and technology, defend lighting equipments such as the fog lamp, room lighting,etc. in the pilot lamp, car of household electrical appliance and notebook computer flourishingly day by day at present, the application of LED is more and more general.
Shiny principle of LED
LED is that one kind can turn the electric energy into the electronic part of the light energy, and possess the characteristic of the diode body at the same time, that is, possess one the intersection of positive pole and one negative pole, LED most special place it lies in to be shiny from energization positive pole only, so while generally offering direct current, LED will be shiny steadily, but if connect up the alternating current, LED will appear flashing shape, glittering frequency exchange the electric frequency, make according to input. The shiny principle of LED is the applied voltage, after letting the electron and electric hole combine in the semiconductor, release energy in photic form. Different kinds LED happening that the global industry develops can emit the light of different wavelength between getting from infrared ray blue at present, and the industry has purple - ultraviolet LED, LED most attractive development is to use the epoptic powder on the blue light LED in recent years, transform blue light into the white light LED products of BaiGuang. The reason why LED is known as the century new light source, in that LED possesses the characteristics of pointolite and solid condition light source, can save energy, high and shock-proof longe-lived small to respond to fast and and color is tall in degree of saturation.

Pack: Epiboly
Type: SNT8
Specification: 600-2400mm
Trade mark: Three can
Colour temperature: Exactly white
Use: Room
Protection grade: IP20
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 100-265V
Shiny color: White
Diffuser plate: PC/PVC
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: AC
Authorize: CE
Size: E27

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