Shiny LED special-shaped ball hubble-hubble lamp of the whole angle of 360 deg

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Stimulate long-rangely, blue light source, the fluoro covers and changes the colour temperature
The high angle is shiny, get up to criticize K. sample without exception 60 yuan does not include the freight charges

Wide-angle ball hubble-hubble lamp
The detailed materials of 9W-E27-LED ball hubble-hubble lamp 9W:
Type: Dosun-D260-C-E27-110V/220V
Power: 9 watts
Input: AC110-220V
Lamp bulb type: High-power or SMD
Shiny angle: >270 degrees
Colour temperature: 2700K-3500K( WW) ,5000K-6500K( CW)
Lamp holder type: E27
Life time: Greater than or equal to 50, 000 hours
Kit material: Aluminium PC glass of high-quality car
Size: 64mmX112.5mm
The quality duration of insurance: 2
9*1 watts of E27 LED ball hubble-hubble lamps - series D
Production code number Shiny color Lamp holder type Shiny angle
Dosun-D260-C-E27-110V/220V exactly white E27> is 270 degrees
Dosun-D260-W-E27-110V/220V warm yellow E27

The quality duration of insurance: Two years
Drive the power: Take CE RoHs to authorize the power
LED light source: American sharp auspicious, the intersection of Taiwan and die general department ' Available)
Pack: Neutral packing, customer appoint the packaging or packaging of our company

Pack: Pack: Neutral packing, customer appoint the packaging or packaging of our company
Type: Dosun-D260-W-E27-110V/220
Specification: 64mm*112.5mm
Trade mark: Dosun
Shiny color: Warm and white
Outer cover type: Transparent
Use: Room lighting
Shape: Spheroidicity
Light: White is colored
Lamp holder: E27
Input voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 9 watts

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