LED die set series S4 LED lamps and lanterns (YJM-S4W)

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The products: LED die set of aluminium box, are used in the shaded font

Type: YJM-S4W

1)Working voltage: 12V DC
2)It is designed that the speciality is waterproof, IP67
3)4 1W high light LED SMD tags
4)Shiny angle: 120 degrees
5)Energy-conservation, reduce energy consumption by a wide margin
6)Exceed long life for more than 100, 000 hours (10 years) . White light LED, more than 50, 000 hours, needn't safeguard all one's life
7)Low heat, high light, can be under the extreme condition normal operation
8)There is the back to install hole site and 3M gummed tape, it is apt to install
9)Panchromatic: Red, amber, blue, green, white
10)Solid condition, defend striking and defending shaking

Size (mm)
Main material
Energy consumption (W)

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