LED celestial being's ball (SL-E-002)

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Telephone: 86-0131-89219154
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Mobile Phone: 13680157041
Address: Five No. of health dragon of new luxuriant industrial area of garrison post of horizontal column of Guangdong Province Zhong Shan City of China

The artificial celestial being's globe lantern was adopted the hard PVC material to mould plastics by the high temperature, product quality was steady.
The diameter of the products is 600*610mm, the magnitude can be made to order, it is that LED light source is furnished with the flange base inside. It is generally the price of green, other colors should be ordered. Our company makes to order various specifications, the style.

Pack: The carton packs the extra wooden frame
Type: SL-E-002
Specification: 600*H610mm
Output: 1000 per month
Trade mark: SUUNY
Diameter 600*610mm: The carton packs the extra wooden frame


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