Multi-functional highlight polling torch

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Applicable scope
This product is suitable for railway, the shipping, army, police, industrial and mining enterprises and instruction of various conduct portable lighting sum signals of open-air operational site, and use in work such as various misfortune succouring, searching for, urgent crash handling of fixed point.
Suitable for exploding to the environment 1, place of 2 districts.
Characteristic of the products
The energy-conservation of lamplight effect: The light source adopts the high-power of the fourth generation of green environment protective, U.S.A. imports CREE high light white light LED original packagingly, the light source consumes energy few, the life time is as long as 100000 hours.
Rechargeable battery: The memoryless battery of high performance, the capacity is large, longe-lived, the self-discharge rate is low, efficient and environmentally friendly.
Many kinds of functions: The reflector adopts the Hi-Tech surface treatment technology, it is high in efficiency to reflect light, the lamps and lanterns illuminate the distance reachable more than 100 meters, but apparent distance reach more than 500 meters, have, work all, highlight, explode, flash 3 light-blocking, can make lighting or distant signal instructions, the shape lamp holder of the water caltrop is designed, can be regarded as the defence tool meeting an urgent need, for emergency needs. The intelligent charger is overcharged, short circuit protection and charging the display device, the battery has and breaks through putting and short-circuit protecting functions, can lengthen the torch life-span.
Waterproof and durable: High hardness alloy casing, guarantee it can be assaulted strongly, waterproof and is able to bear the high low temperature, high and wet and of good performance, can use under various abominable environmental conditions.
Intelligence is protected: Protective device and switch misoperation-prevent operating function that circuit design prevent overshoot, overfall, short out within the lamps and lanterns.
Technical parameter
Code number Parameter name Unit Number value
A specified voltage V 3.7
2 specified capacity Ah 2.2
3 LED power W 3
Top four luminous flux Lm 165
5 weak luminous flux Lm 125
6 highlight discharges for time h 5/8
7 is pale to discharge for time h 7/10
8 penetrates a part of the way of m 100 effectively
9 light sources life-span h 100000
10 batteries of service life Circulation About 1500
11 charges time h 6-8
12 appearances size mm 35*158
13 net in weight g 185
The quality assurance company is according to ISO9001: 2000 international quality system production, carry out ISO14001 Environment Management System strictly.

Nominal voltage 3.7
LED power 3W/1W
Net weight 185
Pack: Carton
Type: BZY6015
Specification: Standard
Output: 50000
The customs numbers: 9405409000
Trade mark: Notable to stand erect
Lighting hours:

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