High light LED job headlamp (WBH-301)

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Address: The 13th floor 58 of 3 segments of East Road of civil rights of Taibei district of Zhongshan - 3

This Item Model, function and brief description of the drawings
1.Type: WBH-301
2.Function and graphic presentation:
( 1) Master Drawing: High light LED job headlamp.
( 2) Bulb: A 3W superbright LED lamp.
( 3) Use the battery: 4 the 2nd (C) Dry cell.
( 4) Usage mode: Head mounted type elastic webbing.
( 5) Lamp holder: Aluminum alloy metal head lamp holder, can do up and down angular adjustment.
( 6) Duration: Can invite continuous duty for 40 hours.
( 7) The plastic cell box can be inserted on the belt while using.
( 8) Pack: Clear plastic bubble cap packaging of colorful card

Type: WBH-301


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