P8 outdoor LED display screen

Contact Details
Contacts: Flat gentleman of the Deng 's Regional manager
Telephone: 86-755-89691188
Fax: 86-755-89691616
Mobile Phone: 86-18664336298
Address: Goose's industrial area of common mountain range of the intersection of China Guangdong Province Shenzhen Longgang District Pinghu and town precededs in the industrialized country permanently

Project Parameter
Pixel pitch 8mm
The best viewing distance 8-20m
Physical interval 15625pixels / O
Reveal the luminance Greater than or equal to 5000nite
Distinguishing rate of the mould component 32*16
LED seals and holds SMD5050 1R1G1B
Driving means Real image 4 is swept
Visual angle H: 120 degrees of V: 100 degrees
Size of die set 256*128*22.3( mm)
Power consumption of die set 25w
Weight of die set 441g
Size of container body 1480*2540.5*360( mm)
Definition of container body 192* 256
Power of container body 2400w
Protect the grade Front/Rear: IP65
Break the frequency 1000-4000Hz (depend on choosing different and different number values of driving the chip)
Loss in the intersection of normal atmospheric temperature and 25 using the intersection of 30mA and electric current wear out 1000 hour only, LED it is less than 5% for luminance to dampen
Average time without hitch >5000hours
Mix some rate < 0.0001
Normal life time >100,000 hours
Working voltage 110-240 AC 10% 50-60Hz
Working humiture -30 - 50 / 10-90% RH
Store the humiture -40 - 60 / 10-90% RH
Input the signal RF, S-VIDEO, RGBHV, YUV, YC

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