LED panel lamp (GF-PL2020-10W)

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Type GF-PL2020-10 light source type LED lamp
Lamp-house's power 10( W) Voltage 110-277( V)
Inferior gram force physical dimension of the smokebell's material 200*200*11.5( mm)
The energy-conservation of main applicable range changes to shine, ornamental, the switch type of the trader is push-button
European modern average service life of style 50000( h)
Electronic voltage transformer brand GuoFang of the voltage transformer
Light color is exactly white
A applicable scope:
Book of this technical specification is suitable for GF-PL2020-10W
2 characteristics:
The reflector adopts the highly purified aluminum alloy, surface anodising, it is high in efficiency to reflect, the lamp adopts the structure of pure aluminium, dispel the heat well,
Use the output power supply of undervoltage top-gradely, it is convenient to install, safe and reliable, avoid maintenance, the consumption lacks, have long performance life, it takes reachable more than 50,000 hours under normal conditions, green environment protective. Can be through RoHS, CE, FCC authorizes.
3 products are employed:
This product is used in large-scale public place, store, office building, corridor, factory,etc. extensively.
4 products techincal characteristics

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