LED white light (YL-P)

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The open and upright scientific and technological A craft of the source is ultra and low-light to decline LED white light.
This kind of LED white light is up to January 2, 2010 since beginning to wear out on June 9, 2008, it is that less than 0% are only declined that more than 13000 hours light is declined and recorded.

The details are as follows:
360 hours: -6% are only declined,
720 hours: -6% are only declined,
1000 hours: -6% are only declined,
2000 hours: -4% are only declined,
3000 hours: -2% are only declined,
4000 hours: -12% are only declined,
5000 hours: -10% are only declined,
6000 hours: -7% are only declined,
7000 hours: -7% are only declined,
10000 hours: -6% are only declined
13000 hours: -4% are only declined

Physical dimension: F5 * 6mm/ F4.8 * 4.8mm/ F4.8 * 4.4mm/ F5 * 8.7mm/ has longipedate support transparent water of caps
Lamp mount cup is bigger and numerous than the ordinary one that vertical front can be seen.

Photoelectric characteristic parameters:
The larger the electric current is, the higher the voltage is,
The higher the temperature is, the smaller the electric current is,
Shiny angle: 15 degrees / 30 degrees / 45 degrees / 60 degrees / 90 degrees / 120 degrees,etc.,
The maximum of forward current can't exceed 20mA,
The maximum of backward voltage can't exceed 5V,
The operating temperature is preferably here - between 35 - 60 . If does not consider that decline the life-span question all, can also work in 85 degrees as follows,
Power: 0.06W,
Maximum bears the impulse current: 100mA,
Soldering temperature: 260

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