LED shot-light (SG-PL12W-E02)

Contact Details
Contacts: Ms. Yang LiPing
Telephone: 86-13537579508
Fax: 86-755-27692122
Mobile Phone: 86-13537579508
Address: The intersection of Shenzhen and the intersection of Baoan and the intersection of district and west the intersection of villages and towns and the intersection of aviation and Luis, Guangdong Province of China, ask for the good Scien-tech garden

Power: 12W
Interface: E27 (screw thread mouth)
Size: PAR38
Voltage: 110V/ 220V
Luminous flux: 80LM/W
Light color: Can do according to customer's demand
Light source: The American brilliance of the rising sun is bright (Semileds)

Type: SG-PL12W-E02
Output: 1000 per day
Trade mark: Good Suo / SOGOOD

TAG:SG-PL12W-E02, asks for good SOGOOD

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