LED display screen control card (HT-BA)

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This card is a staging edition of HT-B card, no matter power-handling capability or job voltage range, anti-interference improves greatly.
Increase digital time unit and test key, furthermore help users use.
Clock chip this card,can display simulation \ digital time unit,be be plused on the the 64*608th such as control area such as test keyed, have steady operation. Interface 4 T12s interface of the self-carrying 2 T8s on the board.
Than the characteristic
Support to broadcast regularly: Presume that broadcasts a certain program in a certain interval of time
Support the time switch: Sets for the turning on/off device time of the screen, the screen knows automatic opening or closes by specific time.
The turning on/off device of the support software: Directly control the break in of display screen or shut down on the computer.
Support the commission agent to collect money: Set up the time restriction, can't work normally to the date of payment screen, help the commission agent collect money.

The automatic recognition of the serial port: Connect automatic search of the serial port
Broadcast the way more:
Support the simulation clock: Reveal the dial plate
Support the digital time unit: Reveal date
Support the form editor to reveal: Editor's content appears in the form of form, very clear
Support the GIF cartoon to broadcast: It is beautiful and joyous for cartoon to show ' Without gradation)
Can set off the atmosphere by contrast even more.
Special circuit design, have steady operation, cook serial port, cook computer serial port, communication from long.
The unicolor 26K of control point number is clicked: Memory capacity 64*416: 1MByte
It is double-colored that 1/16 of various specifications in the application field and 1/4 scan the unicolor LED display screen and indoor
The program quantity supports 16 programs, each program is divided into 2 areas
Clock display simulation dial plate digital time unit
Communication way: RS232
Reveal the interface: 2 groups of T8 and 4 groups of T12 interface
Working voltage: 5V (range 3.5V- 6V)
Maximum power:

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