LED ball hubble-hubble lamp (HGP-LBL-3W)

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First, product characteristic
1,The outer cover material is 6063 aluminum alloy car aluminium one, firm and non- fragile, and there are good heat conduction and heat radiation.
2,The face mask adopts the high transparent feathered washboard PC material or glass face mask, can make the light achieve maximum efficacy.
3,High-power LED adopts and imports the chip, welds the encapsulation technology of the craft in independent eutecticum, heat welding the material in eutecticum spreads the coefficient 60W/MK, traditional the intersection of silver slurry and the intersection of crystal bonding and the intersection of craft and heat spread 20 times of the coefficient ' Traditional silver slurry crystal bonding craft heat conduction coefficient has 3w/mk only) ,Heat-conduction get base plate that LED produce hot twinkling of an eye, LED have heat pile up, eutecticum technology reduces the thermal resistance, enable LED quick heat abstraction, make the decay of LED lighter, lengthen the life-span of LED.
Second, application
This product is applied to the office extensively, the reading room, factory, store, school, hospital, hotel, family, shop, hotel, restaurant, exhibition hall, artistic drawing room, museum,etc. occasion, in order to replace the traditional incandescent lamp.

Type Type HGP-Bulb-3W
Type Base Type of the lamp holder E27/E26
Input voltage
Input Voltage
100-265V exchanges
100-265V AC
Efficiency Efficiency

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