Full-color LED display screen ( P16) of outdoor high definition

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CITIC photoelectric technology Development Co., Ltd. of Sanhe City accepts the large-scale LED high definition display screen indoor and outdoor various. The staples dealing in is as follows, inside and outside the family? LED display screen, LED inferior surface mounted is full-color, the whole color screen of LED surface mounted, LED outdoor complete color screen, LED expressway rejected, LED large screen, the amusement background wall, the dynamic color screen wall. Are there the design specifications? Many kinds of products such as pH4, pH6, pH7.62, pH8, pH10, pH12,etc..

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Display screen type Outdoor P16 full-color display screen
LED diameter 5.0mm ellipse
Picture element is clicked Interval Physical picture element: 16mm
Die set picture element Physical picture element: 16*8
Picture element Density Physical picture element: 3906 / O
Size of die set 256mm*128mm
Average power consumption 0.7 KW / O
Maximum power consumption 0.9KW / O
Reject the body luminance