White boards of outdoor unit half of P10 form

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Dot density: 10000 o'clock /square meter
The board specification of the unit: 320*160mm
Unit resolution: 32*16 o'clock
Drive: 1/4 of the scanning
Ambient temperature: -30 - 60
Life time: 100000 hours
Guan Xin: Taiwan
Luminance: Each square meter 2000cd more than
a: Adopt ultra highlighted luminescent diode, reveal still clear under the sun penetrate direct outdoors
b: The picture element dot and of the screen controls computer monitor picture element to click identically, the expression is abundant
c: Unrestricted to the operating system, can reflect in real time the monitor of the computer reveals
d: Very automatic color contrast, luminance, the extra-high refresh rate stablizes picture outstandingly
e: Exactly reject the die set of container body to design, it is simple and convenient to install, the convenient work, safeguarding
f: Use the superstrong protective circuit, resist high pressure, advantages such as the antielectrostatic function,etc.

The company staples is as follows,
a.The indoor LED ranks the full-color container body of formula SMD surface mounted respectively, exactly rejects the series;
b.Full-color container body of the indoor LED trinity SMD surface mounted, exactly rejecting the series;
c.Outdoor LED full-color die sets, container bodies, exactly rejecting the series;
D. (half) Board of one pair of color cells of outdoor LED form, exactly rejecting the series;
e.The double-colored die set of the outdoor LED form, container body, exactly reject the series;
f.Board of one pair of color cells in the indoor LED form, exactly rejecting the series.
g.Process OEM of various LED display screens
h.Tag, card, after weld, assemble, not glue filling, have by container body,etc. service

Pack: Carton
Type: P10
Specification: 320*160
Trade mark: Thunder photoelectricity full of trees
Boarder color: Black
Use: Half the open air
The chip color of the modulator tube: White
The function of the display screen: Characters
Authorize: ISO

TAG:P10, the thunder photoelectricity full of trees