LED guard-rail tube (DK-HLG-108)

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1,Input voltage available 220V or 24V, 12V, can be chosen the unicolor, double-colored, three-primary colors according to employing length and environment, can choose the control device control or cybernation, can realize results such as adjusting luminance, flowing water, chasing, delaying,etc..
2,Fixed way: Aluminum alloy base and support, PC support.
3,The characteristic of the products: Withstand voltage, able to bear separating, high temperature resistant, ovenable and resisting and wearing out.
4,Employ: Bridge, park, place of entertainment of bar, building body outline,etc..
LED Rail Guarding Lamp parameter: Material: Specialized PC material, waterproof, dustproof, antiultraviolet color: Red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue, purple, colourful diameter: D32, D50, D80mm, when the protection grade: IP65 working voltage: 220V, 24V, power 10-24W1 rice service life: 50000 hours

Pack: Packaging of standard carton
Type: DK-HLG-108
Specification: 1000x50x37mm
Output: 10000000 per year
The customs numbers: 006
Trade mark: The Supreme Being lights department

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