Full-color LED display screen ( P6) of high definition

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Supply the full-color LED display screen main product in the indoor to consult and offer, the full-color LED display screen main product P7.62 in the indoor, producer's quotation of trinity LED display screen of P6 surface mounted, Shenzhen unites the relative elevation of photoelectric sexual valence full of trees and makes the national first-class LED brand. High-quality, low price! Our company full-colourful display screen price is reduce in an all-round way, welcome the masses of old and new friend's incoming telegrams to condescend to inquired!

Unite the superior products full of trees: P10 outdoor and full-color display screen, the intersection of P16 and latest the intersection of static behavior and real the intersection of picture element and colored LED display screen ' Dandy, leading in price super material benefit, cost performance trade) P10, P16 outdoor full-color display screen adopt the latest waterproof technology, lightning protection, dustproof, anti-electrostatic technology, the protection grade reaches above IP65! It is each customer's standard of buying products to be good and inexpensive. Equal price, than quality, equal the intersection of quality ratio and price, we believe our products are absolutely your first-selection! The antithetical couplet is full of trees ---Official cooperative partner of the eighth Universiade
Our company adopt import high-quality die, close, produce, have the intersection of visual angle and old, low power dissipation, the intersection of color and even unanimous difficult light, low easy to maintain the co dominant failure rate extremely. Standardized product, flowing water are produced. International quality, ultralow price.
a.Price advantage: Have markets with the most competitive price in a product, even better quality that the same;
b.Characteristic advantage: The homogeneity is good, the conformance intensity is high, the visual angle is big, can realize the single light maintenance of unicolor;
c.Quality advantage: The material reaches the finished product, the whole controllability of researching and developing production, become assurance of reliability of product quality;
d.Serve the advantage: More complete service under the equal condition, the same service, possess more overall cooperation.

Successful case:
South China city PH20 outdoor LED of Herba Polygoni Orientalis of Dongguan is full-color
The rural credit cooperation in Sichuan Lu county unites the society outdoor LED full-colorly
Two large theaters outdoor LED of bridge in Xinjiang are full-color
Chongqing airport P16 the open air, Chongqing is full-color
Guangdong opens all group P6 indoor full-colorly
It is full-color in shopping center large-scale P16 the open air that Shaanxi Province Hanyin county Rui is straight
It is full-color in the open air that the gentle media P16 of white stone of Hunan pool of Hunan is large-scale
The sports center P10 LED of Shenzhen is full-color
Xianghe county of Hebei obeys the grand furniture wholesale city outdoor large-scale LED full-colorly
The intersection of Xinjiang and the intersection of Kuitun and 134 outdoor and large-scale and LED full-color formation
It is PH20 large-scale and outdoor and LED full-color for Guangzhou to spend
Large-scale LED electronic display screen of Luoyang of Henan
Hunan Zhuzhou LED outdoor LED is full-color
Shaanxi P10 surface mounted is trinity and full-color
Indoor P6 full-color LED display screen of Chongqing
Vehicle carried P10 outdoor full-color LED display screen of Guangzhou
The ground force of Nanjing commands the institute P16 full-color LED display screen
Aquarium P20 full-color LED display screen of Qingdao

Service promise and assurance after sale
1.All can offer service of maintaining to sell products with technology free.
2.Meeting great celebration or activity send the professional and technical personnel to guide and employ and offer technical support free in two years.
3.In case of products quality problem or Party A's technical support demand, respond to in 6 hours, problem solving in 48 hours.
4.Life-long maintenance of display screen.
5.After warranty period, manufacturer's maintenance and repair implemented toward this system only collect the cost of device, and the concrete device cost expense standard is consulted and confirmed by both sides not to collect the labour cost.
6.According to the principle of " putting prevention first ", within warranty period, manufacturers will maintain polling to the display screen fixedly and freely, reach the projected life with the security system.
7.The after service is undertaken by this manufacturer's user's service centre.
Company's address: The good fortune of Baoan district of Shenzhen presses down industrialized country C a of the 4th floor of the star of fine horse of main road of Fu Hai forever
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