Precise product E27 10W led corn light

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1.Bright angle: 360
2.The energy-conserving LED lamp comes to replace the traditional CFL bulb 30 w
3.Magnitude: Dia 48.X153
4.Lamp holder type: E27 E26 E14.
5.Iuput voltage: 85-265 V AC, 12 VAC
6.Power consumption: 10 w
7.LED light source: 3528, 144 LED leaders
8.Colour temperature:
1)The white of cold: 5500~6700 k
2)Natural white: 4000~5000 k
3)Warm white: 2700~3500 k
9.Lumen: CFL bulb lm of 9000, replace 30 w
10.Use of indoor
11.80% of the more energy-conserving with traditional incandescent lamps.
12.Suitable for warehouse, office, market, room lighting
13 storage temperature - operating temperature between 20~50 - 10~45

Colour temperature: Exactly white
Use: Room lighting
Protection grade: IP65
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 85-265V
Shiny color: Warm and white Exactly white
Diffuser plate: Aluminium / aluminum alloy
Lamp holder material: Stainless steel
Electric current type: DC
Authorize: CE


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