LED3528 soft hard lamp strip

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Flexible LED to adopt FPC make, assemble breadboard in lamp belt, go on, assemble with the intersection of tag and LED, enable thickness a coin thick of product, do not take the space; The general specification has 15 LEDs, 30 LEDs 18 LEDs 30cm long, 24 LEDs and 50cm long,etc.. There are 60cm, 80cm,etc., different users have different specifications. It is not influenced and can cut off at will, can lengthen but shiny arbitrarily. And FPC material is soft, can bend, fold, coil arbitrarily, can be in three-dimensional space is movable and flexible at will but will not be broken. Suitable for irregular place and the intersection of space and narrow and small place, use, because it can random to bend and coil too, suitable for in various pattern of ornamental China's random combination of the advertisement.
LED soft lamp strip is a kind of bendable LED soft lamp strip specifically. Its structure includes several LED lamps in flexible circuit board, the flexible circuit board is put into flexible banding, and use the glue seal of heat conduction and interface with power that the flexible circuit board connects on the edge of the flexible banding. The intersection of LED and soft the intersection of lamp strip and LED lamp of utility model this bulge, make, scatter view to be loud, the luminance is higher; Use the intersection of heat conduction and glue seal, make heat conductivity to be kind, have good waterproof function; The structural flexible design of the whole makes the use of the lamp belt more convenient, can totally substitute the outdoor neon bulb, reach the decorative effect.

Pack: One holds
Type: 3528
Specification: 5 meters / roll
Trade mark: Starting point star
Use: Room lighting
Protection grade: IP65
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 12V
Electric current type: DC
Authorize: RoHS

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