But slewing angle LED tube light JS-D1019D-JY

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COB LED whether one embedding get the intersection of ceiling and inner the intersection of light and lighting device of down-ejection type in flush light. LED flush light is the Directional lighting device, only its opposite ability light receiving, the beam angle is the spot light, the light is relatively centralized, brightness contrast is strong. Stress, according to the object, lightness great sheds, set off out the quiet environmental atmosphere further.
COB LED flush light employs the new LED level light source to improve LED lighting device developed on the basis of traditional flush light, have the following advantages in contrast to traditional flush light: Energy-conservation, low carbon, macrobiotic, the colour rendering is good, the speed of response is fast. The LED flush light one design light and handy,can if you can't reach, keep by not unify and not perfect at the time of installation whollying of building decoration, not destroying the arrangement of the lamps and lanterns, the light source hides the building decoration inside, the light source is not exposed, without glare, people's visual effect is soft, even.

COB tube lamps and lanterns have with more advantages of high-power LED flush light:
1,Energy-conservation: The energy consumption of the white light LED is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, 2/5 of the electricity-saving lamp, longevity: LED theory life-span can exceed 100,000 hours, may be said to the ordinary family's illumination " once and for all " .
2,Can work in the high-speed state: The electricity-saving lamp if frequent start or shutoff filament will turn black and damage quickly.
3,The solid condition is capsulated: It is a cold light source type. So it is very convenient transported and installed, can be fitted in any miniature and close apparatus, is not afraid of shaking, that mainly considered is to dispel the heat.
4,LED lamps and lanterns technology are progressing with rapid change, its luminescent efficiency is making the surprising break-through, the price is in constant reducing too. A white light LED lamps and lanterns enter the era of the family to come rapidly.
5,Environmental protection: Non- mercurialized (Hg) ,etc. for environment harmful material, will cause and destroy about environment. The disassemble/assemble that the equipment part of the LED lamp can be very easy, it is unnecessary that can all retrieve to retrieve through other people in the producers. LED does not include the infrared, ultraviolet ray, so does not employ worms.
6,The speed of response is fast: LED speed of response is quick, have dispelled the long shortcoming of starter course of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp completely.
7,Facula of comparing with high-power LED flush light is more even, without dark place, the light is softer.

The lamps and lanterns lustrous thread of tube is soft, colour rendering is good, energy-conserving environmental protection, colour temperature range are wide, steady and flicker free, have long performance life, the shiny such characteristics as light output is steady with high efficiency, suitable for room lighting such as the store, supermarket, hotel, office, meeting room, department store, exhibition centre, villa.
Our aim: Products on innovating, quality, efficiency,not last sincerity, not win together, it is satisfied in customer.
The latest heat removal system patented technology shares: (Patent No.: ZL201020180034.0)

The patent heat sink characteristic of lamp decoration full of trees of the scene:
1.It was refined to adopt high-quality 6063 aluminium material, formed the heat conduction and dispelled the heat in the integrative result, realize the high-efficiency heat conduction and dispel the heat;
2.Crest of heat sink design a plurality of heat disspating holes, turn on the intersection of heat sink and peripheral air-cooling fin, realize air convection;
3.A plurality of heat disspating holes that the crest of the heat sink is designed, are like a plurality of chimneys, arrange the heat of LED up, realize and dispel the heat through the air-cooling fin at the same time, thus realize that dispels the heat high-efficiently;
4.Until CE fit rule, authorize, require department this cross the intersection of electric wire and, design, pigeonhole the strip on heat sink, make the electric wire difficult to draw and take off; And put the white yarn clutch in on the periphery of electric wire, protecting the withstand voltage value can reach 3700V;
5.The structure of the heat sink is cylindrical, the surface is processed too slickly and slily to wrap the sharp point, do not injure hands safely, make both hands of project installation personnel and consumer get the effective guarantee;
6.The products appearance of lamp decoration full of trees of the scene is novel, elegant in appearance, light, its heat sink of patent reduces the installation volume on the ceiling effectively, make it can accord with designer and your harsh designing requirement not to install place.

Power specification Overall height of the products
3W 50mm
5W 65mm
7W 65mm
10 75mm
15W 95mm
Pack: The up-market carton is packed ' Can offer neutral blank packaging or OEM to customize)
Type: JS-D1019D-JY
Specification: 3W
Output: 1000000 per year
The customs numbers: 113
Trade mark: Lamp decoration full of trees of the scene
Colour temperature: 3000k-5000k
Use: The commerce lights
Protection grade: IP20
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 110-240V
Shiny color: Warm white light / naturally white / straight white light
Diffuser plate: Tempered glass
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: AC
Authorize: CE
Reflect light in the angle of cup: 20,40,60
Trepan the size: 75-80mm
Luminous flux: 225-255lm
Physical dimension: 85mm
Outer cover material: 6063 aluminium of spaceflight Seiko
Chip producer and type: Die COB chip
Type: Js-d1019d-jy 3W
The overall height of the products: 50mm

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