LED flush light 3W

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LED flush light 3W
Size: 2.5 inches
The light source is; All adopt and import the lamp bulb of brands, the low-powered LED high-power of LED tag is available
Input voltage: AC 90-265V 50Hz/60Hz; .
Product performance:
Energy-efficient: Energy-conservation, the luminance is high, without infrared rays, without ultraviolet ray, there is no thermal effect. Feathered washboard the intersection of lens and bright even mere 500 lumen, the bright complete level of light is exported, the shiny angle is wider; Ultrathin and superlight, specialized circuit design, prevent the simplex broken lamp from influencing the integral result; The steady durable life time of 5 years, are not interfered by the radio, will not pollute the environment.
LED flush light application area: The hotel, meeting room, factory or office, commercial use, house or communal facilities, school, hospital need the place where energy-conserving and high colour rendering index lights.

Pack: Colorful box
Type: LE-TH-0303Y
Specification: LED flush light 3W
Trade mark: On
Colour temperature: Exactly white
Use: Room lighting
Protection grade: IP44
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 85-265V
Shiny color: White
Diffuser plate: Aluminium / aluminum alloy
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: AC
Authorize: CCC
Size: 2.5 inches

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