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The display screen system of production information uses the photoelectric display technology, computer application technology, automatic control technology, and the information display system specially designed to producing the environment for use of display screen. The control system of the display screen adopts one-chip computer technology and international newest technical super large-scale FPLD FPGA to design, the circuit structure is terse, the system has high stability, reliability very much. The display system adopts the modular design, structural science, it is flexible to make up. Constant current shows driving, energy-efficient. It is the structure of aluminum alloy, the available stainless steel of boarder or colored spraying aluminum alloy to reject the body. The display screen input equipment can choose the report controller of infrared rays or use the personal computer (PC) ,The communication between the display screens adopts RS/422 total line standard, the interface circuit adopts the photoelectricity to isolate device and specialized over pressure flow and inhibit the component, can resist the electrostatic discharge of 15KV to assault, the distance of communication reaches 1km, has improved stability and reliability of the system greatly, finish being suitable for the long term administration under various environments of indoor.

Characteristic characteristic:
The input equipment adopts the report controller of infrared rays ' Or keyboard) Or display screen supervising system.
The input equipment can input English letter, Aeabic numeral. The key set of the input equipment includes: 26 letter keys.
When the input equipment adopts the personal computer, disposes the corresponding software, it offers with the display screen totally corresponding operation interface, operation includes the Fructus Citri tangerinae outside line.
Can be in editor's data on display screen of parting of a plurality of display screens at the same time, confirm it after the editor finishes, automatic a data of each display screen input editing of system.
Real-time time and date reveal.
The daily production information looks through and rejects revealing at regular intervals, displayable many kinds of different products information content.
The display screen manages the daily production information and information acquisition of particular time quantum of the products at present on display screen of system pair to deal with.
The display screen passes the signal automatic updating production information of the automatic detector. Please contact more technical data, we.


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