LED panel lamp -2

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Telephone: 86-578-3011679
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Mobile Phone: 86-13587145837
Address: Green road No. 18 of Sichuan of industrial park of Jinyun of Lishui of Zhejiang Province of China

The advantage of the LED lamp:
1,Short and small and light and thin
2,Able to bear mechanical vibration and assault
4,The consumption lacks
5,Generate heat little
6,The response is fast
7,The soft and graceful saturation of the color and luminance are high
8,Green environment protective (mercurialized and xenon,etc. is harmful to the element, do benefit to retrieving and, and will not produce electromagnetic disturbance)
9,Health (excluding ultraviolet ray and infrared rays, do not produce radiation)

Output: 100000000000
Use: Tunnel
Protection grade: IP68
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 30,000h
Input voltage: 220V
Shiny color: White
Diffuser plate: Polycarbonate
Lamp holder material: Stainless steel
Electric current type: AC


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