EL cold light sheet- Clothes

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Energy-conservation, longe-lived, shiny and soft and even, steady, it is not dazzling that look the light source straight, the place visibility that is having smog is high, it is moist to resist, antidetonation was pressed, has not been harmful to the ray without generating heat, light, abundant shiny color, and flicker the expression, but the surface luminescence of the song. The use is very extensive. It flickers shinily, color is abundant, the characteristic such as being lifelike, perfect in workmanship of the pattern, can be used in the gift extensively, the advertisement, the exhibition hall of the exhibition, the show window, the bar, the brand has a monopoly in the cupboard, automobile decoration, safe products, the instrument, the occasion such as being in a poor light.

Output: 5000
Trade mark: Lian Kai

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