LED digital desk signed(FS-HY6000)

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FEISHU serial digital meeting desk brand display systems are a novel display conferee's name and desk-top meeting display equipment about various information of meeting, FS-HY6000 type is the update products of FS-HY5000 type, not merely the appearance is esthetic, used for replacing the expicity electronic desk card of single machine. Product this, than traditional the intersection of desk and card, have information-based intensity to be high, the characteristic that can be used repeatedly, especially can also realize rollingly that reveal the meeting reports the content, with functions such as a sound of letters displayed, releasing, network link of personal short message,etc., have offered ideal tool and means for modern information-based meeting.

The FS-HY6000 type digital desk card is adopted hand in hand the daisy chain is designed, each controller can connect 64 digital desk cards in series at most. The controller adopts the network communication protocol, at most after 64 controllers are networked, can realize the common control of 4096 digital desk cards. The computer control interface keeps unanimity with the overall arrangement of the meeting-place, the overall arrangement of the meeting can repeat the call, enable, rank ocularly, easy to operate, the control software also has the time limit of speech of automatic computation, remind meeting progress, functions such as the personal message,etc. in time.

The FS-HY6000 type digital meeting desk brand is formed by digital desk card, controller and three parts of control software systematically. The design of the inner embedded network function, can be through connecting the cable in series hand in hand, controlled the host computer network, realize the network savvy of all tables of cards.

The FS-HY6000 type digital desk brand is used in combination with long-range conference system of network systematically, can make the meeting desk card in every long-range branch hall reveal the meeting information of the central meeting-place synchronously, reach picture, pronunciation, characters, synchronize, overall meeting said, thought, listened to, read to realize exchange.

FS-HY6000 type digital desk brand system and system of making a speech of PHILIPS meeting cooperate with using, the ones that can realize tabletop of meeting are succinct, esthetic, practical.

Technical parameter:
Reveal: 4 Chinese characters, 8 letters
LCD reveals: Chinese characters 4X15, letter 4X30
Power consumption: 6W
Power: The controller supplies power
External dimension (mm) : 220X120X85
Install the way: The tabletop is hand in hand
Network interface: RJ45X2
Connect the interface in series: Mini DIN-8P X 2
LED: Multi-channel controller

Heaped capacity: 64 (every way is 16)
Power consumption: 400W (heaped capacity)
Power: AC 220V
External dimension (mm) : 485X310X95
Install the way: Tabletop or pack into 19 inch framework ( Need to take 2U position)
Network interface: DIN-8P, RJ45
Connect the interface in series: DIN-8P, DIN-8, P X 4
Communication interface: DIN-6P, RJ45
Control protocol: RS232, TCP/ IP
Software platform: WIN2000/ XP/ 98

Pack: Carton
Type: FS-HY6000
Output: 150000
Trade mark: FEISHU


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