LED shakes the headlamp (LS-L02)

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LED120 be shaken the head / if you can't last headlamp / LED36 drops of both arms LED108 drops of 3W, last headlamp drops of 3W /LED60W be lasted headlamped to be lasted headlamp / LED30W /are there edition new, elite of 1200W,s Elite be shaken to be lasted headlamp / 250W new with edition new headlamp / LED high-power handkerchief light / LED120 drops of 3W handkerchief light / LED72 drops of 3W handkerchief light / LED54 drops of 3W handkerchief light / LED54 drops of 3Ws waterproof , besides produce LED shake headlamp deal in move light, laser also light, LED the intersection of stage effect and light, wedding celebration light and the open air perform the intersection of lighting and wholesale and retail and foreign trade of light,etc. process. Strength holds the light products fashionable in style, the price is reasonable, quality assurance, quality is first-class, it is first-class to serve, " strength is held " The brand, enjoy certain popularity in the industry. With the products of its high cost performance, normal market operation, good after service, sincerity is a aim, thus get every distributor and users and identical approval going together

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Pack: Carton / aviation case
Type: LS-L02
Specification: 328mmx220x435mm
Output: 100000
Trade mark: Strength is held
Use: LED shakes the headlamp
Protection grade: IP44
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 220V
Shiny color: Panchromatic
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Authorize: CE

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