P20 outdoor full-color LED display screen (YX-P20-2R1PG1B)

Contact Details
Contacts: Mr. Zeng Sheng Manager
Telephone: 86-20-28905997
Fax: 86-20-28871029
Mobile Phone: 86-13073083978
Address: The intersection of Guangzhou and the intersection of city and day the intersection of river reach and the intersection of village and the intersection of road and 28 outstanding to succeed industrialized country 300 No. Huang, Guangdong Province of China,

Conservatory of music of Guangzhou (have used for more than four years, color is still very beautiful, the result is very good, have just maintained twice)

The lectotype of the products: YX-P20-2R1PG1B
Reveal the area: 63 m

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