LED washes the wall lamp (ST-SQ22F11W)

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The outer cover adopts aluminum alloy lamp and whole kilowatt meter preparation method, has guaranteed the good heat-dissipating result, the light in the valid reduction LED using process is declined. Adopt one grade of PMMA high-efficient lens of optics, only decrease small, the illumination intensity is good. The unique technology of constant-current source of switch, has guaranteed each LED stable operation.

Color: Unicolor
Technical parameter:
The outer cover size: Diameter 76mm, high 75mm
Light source: Adopt and import 1W it as light source, longe-lived, such prominent advantages as low power dissipation, color are pure, pollution-free.
Color result: White, warm and white, red, yellow, green, the blue is available

The light-projecting distance: According to 6~40 meters of lens
The angle of available lens: 45 degrees and 60 degrees of flood light for 30 degrees for 16 degrees
Mirror surface: Glass reflect light lens, light transmittance 98-98%, difficult to atomize, can resist UV radiation
Lamp: Purely aluminium, there is square, line style, available length: 40, 60, 75, 100, 1200, Width 1500 and height immobilize
Shiny angle 90


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