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1.Three Yes low-carbon lighting limited company:
Shenzhen Baoan LED production base of Guangdong, specializes in LED room lighting | LED daylight lamp, LED ball hubble-hubble lamp, LED ultrathin flush light, LED dull and stereotyped light, LED anion daylight lamp, LED anion ball hubble-hubble lamp | ,Outdoor LED high-power lighting device | LED is auspicious department chip street lamp, LED department chip projection lamps auspicious,etc. high-power LED lighting devices outdoor
LEDT5 modulator tube, LEDT8 modulator tube, the high-quality chip package of LEDT10 modulator tube,
Regard high light SMD2323, 3528, 2835 as the light source
2.The shiny angle of products: 120-180 degrees, length size: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm
3.Use the voltage: AC85-265V.
4.The available material of face mask: The intersection of aluminum alloy and outer cover transparent the intersection of PC and face mask and milky white to expand the optical cover.
5.The company designs opening the aluminum alloy outer cover of mould independently, the design is exquisite, the heat-dissipating result is good.
6.Product certification: FCC, CE, RoHS, TUV, PSE, LM79, LM80. Supply with the high high-efficient quality to protect Samsung chip daylight lamp for 5 years
7.Produce mechanizedly. Full automaticity brushes the glue, SMT machine tag, efficiency is fast, quality assurance, the appearance is esthetic.
8.Adopt and research and develop and isolate the power independently, stability is high, longe-lived, safety coefficient is high. Employ: a)Work and light, the exhibition room is lighted, meeting room lighting b) The commercial building is lighted, the hotel lights, restaurant lighting c) Factory illumination, produce the line to light, warehouse lighting d) Corridor illumination, subway station, public transit station, railway station lighting e) Notes: Please install in penetrate and high-temperature local f) direct of keeping out of the sun modulator tube Only suitable for room lighting.
Three Shenzhen can low-carbon lighting Co., Ltd. absorbed in the intersection of LED and the intersection of lighting and field.

Pack: Epiboly
Type: SNT8
Specification: 600-2400mm
Trade mark: Three can
Authorize: CE, rohd

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