Interface IC-PR4538LED display screen

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Characteristic of the products
Built-in dashpots of No. 9 and 2-4 lines of decoder circuit
Built-in monostable protective circuit, stop jump transfer 130ms in the line signal A_IN
Close the conduct decipher to export after left and right sides, at the same time OEB_OUT1 signal
Put it as the high level.
Built-in to draw the resistance from head to foot, simplify the peripheral circuit to the greatest extent.
Have SOP20, two kinds of capsulation of TSSOP20 are available.
Unleaded environmental protection is capsulated
Support to adopt the driving circuit of constant current as 1/4 listing the driver, 1/2 scan
Die set of the display screen.
Description of products
PR4538 is according to 1/4 full-colourful display panels scanning of actual demand, 2 slices of 74HC245 on the board, 1 slice
74HC138, a 74HC123 and peripheral capacitance-resistance circuit, adopt the highly Integrated mode, its corresponding function design
Get to the circuit of the foot of film 20.
Within PR4538, the monostable protective circuit of integrating and 74HC123 functional equivalent, is expert at the decipher input signal
After A_IN stops jump transfer about 130ms, the monostable protective circuit will be in protecting state, will close the conduct decipher to export, at the same time
Put OEB_OUT1 signal as the high level.
Within PR4538, have integrated the three-way clock dashpot, two-way (CLK_OUT1, CLK_OUT2) among them Used in
This board, another No. (CLK_OUT0) Give output interface
Within PR4538, have integrated two-wayly and latched the dashpot of signals, No. one (LD_OUT1) among them Used in this board, another
No. one (LD_OUT0) outside Give output interface
Within PR4538, have integrated two-wayly and revealed the dashpot of the enabling signal, No. one (OEB_OUT1) among them Originally used in
The board, another No. (OEB_OUT0) Give output interface
Inside PR4538, integrate two-way the intersection of line signal and dashpot, use after the buffer giving output interface, a built-in one at the same time
A 2-4 Decoders, output decoded signal (LINE0-LINE3) of 4 routes Used for controlling the conduct to drive the tube.
PR4538 is suitable for 1/2 of the scanning, 1/4 of the scanning, adopt the driving circuit of constant current as the display screen die set listing the driver.
Meanwhile, carried on pulling to the signal input upward or downstream pull, further simplified peripheral circuit design.
There is complete ESD protective circuit, ability to resist static> 2000V (HBM) within PR4538

Type: PR4538DW
Trade mark: LEDASIC
Boarder color: Black
Use: The open air
The function of the display screen: Picture
Authorize: CE