LED side backlight source

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This kind of backlight source is tall, longe-lived, shiny and even in luminance, can make into red according to customer's request, green, blue, different colors such as double-colored, white light, apply the intersection of liquid crystal display and LCD and the intersection of liquid crystal and the intersection of display module and LCM, household electrical appliance to extensively ' For instance washing machine, oven, air-conditioning equipment, TV remote controller,etc.) , instrument ( For instance oscillometric, signal generator, car gage board, electric meter, multimeter,etc.) , sound and image( For instance stereo, LCD TV, laser laser disc, VCD, vehicle carried DVD, girth gear machine, MP3, language repeater, camera, electronic organ,etc.) , communication moves industry ' For instance telephone set, cellular telephone, PDA, beeper, facsimile machine,etc.) , office equipment ( Copying machine, pen count this computer, printer) Wait for and reveal.


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