35WLED plant growth light

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35WLED plant growth light

Item Model: WS-PROS35W

Power: 35W

The quantity of LED lamp bulb: 16

The power of LED single lamp bulb: 2.5W

LED lamp bulb type: 3535

Red blue proportion: 3: 1

Why is red blue light useful to plant?

When illuminating on the earth of everything in sunlight, various plants begin to open their " pore " ,The greedy one strengthened oneself sucking in the sunlight " The grain " ,Here " grain " It is not certainly the spectrum of all of sunlight, they have absorption that chose too.

It is come to choose how that plant is " The recipe " ? Plant composed of pigments, among them photosensitive pigment, latent the intersection of design and plain the intersection of UV and pigment come, offer an explanation to photic to select. Photosensitive pigment once meeting red shade will open air vent, go on, breathe, but blue whether latent anthocyanidin responsible for, absorb, UV pigment reaches insecticidal function on ultraviolet light absorption, would not open the door of air vent to absorb if the light of other wave bands comes. That's why artificial light source which we see - LED plant light is red and blue, led wavelength is narrow, we only select the wave band useful to plant, and the red is more generally than blue in proportion.


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