LED-LD-01 street lamp

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Adopt the drawn outer cover of aluminum alloy, sturdy and duable, the oxidation treatment of surface, cup, the whole lamps and lanterns are compact that vacuum coating reflects light, reliable and durable, the appearance is esthetic, have a modern sense very much. Delicate optics design, it is shiny and even and unanimous to guarantee, high clear transparent glass, high light light source, LED of high-power, waterproof and dampproof to deal with, protection grade IP65, appropriate outdoor severe environment, install simply and conveniently, swiftly, high versatility, application area are wide.


Suitable for road lighting such as the city road, inhabited region, industrial road, pedestrain way, park, school, villa, courtyard.

Code number Item Model Power Colour temperature Luminous flux Protection grade Size of the products
1 LED-LD-04 21W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 225*306*70
2 28W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 225*306*70
3 42W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 255*306*70
4 56W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 315*306*70
5 70W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 375*306*70
6 84W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 436*306*70
7 98W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 496*306*70
8 112W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 557*306*70
9 126W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 617*306*70
10 140W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 678*306*70
11 154W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 738*306*70
12 168W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 799*306*70
13 182W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 859*306*70
14 196W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 920*306*70
15 210W 3000-7000 90-120lm IP65 980*306*70
Pack: Carton
Type: LED-DL-01
Specification: 500
Trade mark: Green source
Colour temperature: Cold light
Use: Road lighting such as the city road, inhabited region, industrial road, pedestrain way, park, school, villa, courtyard
Protection grade: IP65
Power: Direct current

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