Overall size LED exposes the shiny word

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Special Shiny word / stainless steel shiny word / shiny word introduction to ti-gold by aluminium
Special aluminium aluminium edge strip of the word are coated with aluminium sheet and enhancement bonding material of the paint of fluorocarbon and processed by special fabrication processing.

The products advantage:
1,Do not get rusty, do not oxidize, beautiful in colour and abundant, highly polished, it is colour-fast in several decades that fluorocarbon of special aluminium edge strip is coated and can be chartered, do not peel off, wear-resisting, scratchproof.
2,Special aluminium edge strip is compounded and never with the special craft of epoxy resin lossed, it is combined that natural with the resin faceplate, exquisite and esthetic, will never fracture.
3,The structure not merely resists the wind-force wholly strongly by the shiny word metal made of special aluminium edge strip.
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" lumen LED shiny word " Combine the modern label products that modern manufacturing technology and lighting engineering are as an organic whole.
" lumen LED advertising light source " ,It is LED advertising label, LED shiny word, lumen LED lamp house, LED ultrathin lamp house to adopt particularly specially, LED light source and particular lighting breadboard technology that LED crystal ultrathin lamp house,etc. produces, luminous intensity is great, color is pure, macrobiotic energy-conservation.
" lumen LED shiny word light source " Apply to various lamp house words and various metal (shiny word of LED iron sheet extensively, the shiny word of LED zinc iron, the shiny word of LED stainless steel, the shiny word of LED ti-gold, shiny word of LED aluminium sheet) Wait for the making of LED shiny word.
The characteristic of shiny word outside LED:
1,The luminance is high: Especially suitable for the high building, the shiny advertisement of the mansion, shiny big character.
2,It is simple and convenient to maintain: Than the suction plastic word, the neon bulb word is maintained and simple and convenient.
3,The energy-conservation of electric-saving: Above the energy-conservation more 80 than the advertising word of any equal luminance.
The shiny form of the shiny word:
1,The unicolor LED shiny word is (red, yellow, white, green, blue)
2,Double-colored LED shiny word
3,Polychromed LED shiny word
4,Colourful to change color LED shiny word (gradation zone, jump transfer, color glimmers, color variation)
Technical parameter: (the technical standard that lumen adopts)
Light source specification: 3, 5, 8, 10
The colour temperature of light color: 4000- 6000K
Luminous intensity: 600- 15000mcd
Shiny angle: 60 degrees - 90 degrees
Only well-illuminated: 25- 72Lm
Voltage: DC4.5V-DC24V
Life time: 50000h

Specification: 1MC-18M


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