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apollo16 630NM: 460NM 160: 80 projects Number value Project Number value
Size 948X283X85mm power 541w/580w
Input voltage AC85-264V lux 20000lux/1m 11750lux/1.5m
The electric current 700mA life-span of job is 50, 000 hours
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz color Red / blue
Work environment -20 degrees - 40 degrees Illuminate the area 7.9O / 1m 10.6O / 1.5m
Packaging of inner case Gross weight
Packaging of external box 933X370X150mm gross weight 12.5kg

Product introduction:
1,Adopt the high-quality LED light source, life-span is up to 50000 hours.
2,Can replace the high pressure sodium lamp of power of 3~5 times, can save 80% electric energy more than traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halogen lamp.
3,Gao GuangXiao, 90% of the light distributed, can be absorbed by hyclrophyte. But the tradition receives light and metal halogen lamp under high pressure to say, there are only 8~10% of the lamplight effects.
4,Built-in: cooling system, well solve the heat-dissipating problem.
5,Input voltage AC100V 240V, are suitable for electricity consumption of the whole world to use. Built-in power, without disposition of other apparatuses, the voltage that the directly simple and safe plug inserts AC100V 240V can work, do not need reflecting mirror and ballast.
6,The illuminating the area of the light will follow the change to some extent that different plants and environments will be corresponding, and the technical parameter will be changed.
7,All materials rings of product accord with the demands for environmental protection, harmful heavy metal material such as the non- mercurialized, lead.
8,Proportion during being different and mere can be appointed by the customer, the proportion that we recommend is 8: 1, 7: 1: 1And 7: 2,The market daily wavelength is ' Red: Blue: Orange) Red photic wavelength is 620-630nm, blue photic wavelength is 460-470nm, the photic wavelength of orange is 610-615nm; It is it red to can choose / blue /orange /yellow / purple / infrared /if you can't mix by spectrum to offer plant all, need in vain. The reddish shade promotes plants to sprout, bloom, the blue light promotes plant growth, users can choose more appropriate wavelength and color proportion to promote the growth of the plant independently.

The products are employed:
Any growth period that is suitable for the plant, and effective to aquaculture of water or soil culture. Suitable for the indoor garden, garden, seeding, beeding, farm, gushing out planting, greenhouse cultivating, water soluble cultivating, flowers cultivating, greenhouse cultivating, pipelike culture cultivated in a pot,etc..
1,If does not use the lamps and lanterns for a long time, please turn off the mains switch to reduce and dawdle by energy-conservation!
2,It is forbidden to put the light in water, otherwise cause drain to do harm to human body or lamps and lanterns.
3,Guarantee products use under normal environment, work environment of lamps and lanterns 20~40 use, 45%~95%RH.
4,Please cut the power when thundering.
5,The products make sure not to beat the products while working.

Pack: Neutral packing
Type: apollo16
Specification: 948X283X85mm
Trade mark: Heavy department of the union

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