Make conjuncted display screen in hand work

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The rainbow photoelectric Co., Ltd. of Jinan is that one specializes in LED luminescent diode, electronic display screen and researches and develops, produces, sells the project and serves integrative specialized enterprises. Company Israel " Quality seek survival and cooperation win for head " Management theory, serve the enterprises and institutions, the products have already widely used in the business street, shop front is ornamental, airport, station, bank, the roll of the card is gentle and apt, trades such as the gymnasium, intellectual traffic, media advertisement, amusement, court, fire control, human resources pool, electric network, telecommunication, hospital, industrial and commercial tax, port,etc., win the favorable comment from the masses of users deeply. LED luminescent diode of our company, display screen, applied under different environments, including the indoor, outdoor, half an outdoor display screen, there is LED unicolor of different color primarieses, double-colored and colored to shake and show more than 20 product kinds of rejecting etc.. The products have already formed the intact series. Our company produce, sell complete electronic the intersection of lamp house and auxiliary products ' Complete set such as LED unicolor bulb, planking, boarder of different color primarieses) , train and make LED display screen free, LED lamp house production technology.

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