LED daylight lamp modulator tube (OYLD-T8-18W)

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LED modulator tube contrasts with traditional modulator tube:
1.Without ultraviolet ray, can avoid mosquitoes effectively;
2.Mercurialized harmful substance ' Authorize through RoHS) ;
3.Non-stroboscopic, the light is soft, protect eyesight;
4.Generate heat little, it is small to loss, energy-efficient, than above ordinary electricity-saving lamp electric-saving 80%;
5.Quiet and comfortable, there is no noise;
6.Longe-lived to exceed long life, it is more than 20 times of the ordinary electric light source lamps and lanterns;
7.The colour temperature range is wide, the light is pure, the colour rendering index is high;
8.The problem of changing modulator tube, ballast, glow starter frequently does not exist,
9.Can gain the cost if the economic expenses come down in about half a year;

LED modulator tube applicable scope: Lighting places such as the factory, store, school, corridor, toilet, storehouse, hotel, lighting, place of entertainment, office building, exhibition hall of family,etc..

Europe is full of the advantage of the modulator tube:
1.Through TUV, RoHS Europe authorizes the most authoritatively;
2.Can offer and isolate, not isolate the power;
3.The unique aluminum pipe is designed;
4.The swivelling end cap of the patent is designed;
5.Produce integratively: Tag, mould plastics, glue filling, power;

Europe is full of the characteristic of the modulator tube:
1.Introduce YAMAHA SMT all automatic tag, guarantee LED modulator tube quality;
2.The unique aluminum pipe designs doing benefit to dispelling the heat better, it is difficult to become flexible;
3.Use TUV to authorize the power, guarantee the handling safety;
4.Plastic end cap, easy to operate, guarantee the security;

T8-15W LED fluorescent tube products attribute
Input the voltage AC90V AC270V
Voltage DC36V-DC40V of the output
Constant current of the working current
Operating temperature - 20 is 50

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