LED Ceiling light 11W 13W

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1. last room lighting LED Ceiling light, video wall, office show windows, counters professional,etc. accent lighting place, substitute the perfect light source of traditional halogen tungsten lamp and metal halogen lamp.
2. energy consumption of LED, only as 1/10 of incandescent lamp, 1/4 of electricity-saving lamp
3. last wire drawing aluminiums high-quality, be come loose, thermal behavior superior can LED Ceiling light section lamps and lanterns outer cover, the surface of the products uses the anodising, guarantee colour-fastly.
4.The lamps and lanterns adopt and import the ultra highlighted LED lamp bulb, externally positioned constant current drives the power, guarantee the lamps and lanterns characteristic are steady.
5.The quality is protected: 3
6.Ultra thick aluminium base plate, the heat that can let the lamp bulb produce transmits to the heat sink faster.
7.The whole material object is shot

Note: This kind of light has 1*1W 1*3W many kinds of styles that welcome to consult

Output: 20,000 per month
Use: Work in the ornamental counter in the indoor
Protection grade: IP20
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 85-265V/Hz
Shiny color: It is cold and warm and white in vain in vain
Diffuser plate: Aluminium base plate
Lamp holder material: Aluminium of wire drawing
Electric current type: DC
Authorize: CE
Size: 32* 70mm
Shiny angle: 5-120 degrees
Pack: Carton


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