LED vertical show window shot-light ( LC7310)

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Mobile Phone: 86-18926552547
Address: Auspicious third industrial area after the west villages and towns of Guangdong Province Shenzhen Baoan district of China

Operation instructions:
1.The lamps and lanterns are input for the undervoltage direct current, should pay attention to distinguishing (red) while connecting LED power Very much, shoulder ' Black) Very much, push the diagramatic interstar connection, other lights are counted and analogized like this, while increasing and decreasing the light to count in the circuit, must connect the light according to the serial fashion.
2.Need to break the electric connection light, before the light is connected with LED power, touch in order to put the residual electricity the red, heavy line in the Ausgang of the power first. After must connect light and LED power well first ing, energization, forbid supplying power to reuse the outgoing line to touch and connect the electric wire of the light for LED power first.
3.Please don't drag the electric wires of the lamps and lanterns, in case that the wiring harness draws loosening to damage.
4.If there is bad quality, please recycle the lamp back to the factory to overhaul, forbid dismantling any part of the lamps and lanterns, otherwise not guarantee, will accept the consequences by oneself.

Declare cautiously: Such as red-black line terminal misconnection 220V high-tension electricity burning off power because in power supply, the company does not maintain, accept the consequences by oneself.

Type: LC7310
Use: Counter of exhibition hall of jewel


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