LED socket type bulb ( Jingweng031)

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Contacts: Mr. Chen TieQiu Office manager
Telephone: 86-769-85461595,86784026
Fax: 86-769-86786245
Mobile Phone: 86-13662804271
Address: The hole village is harsh and unreasonable all the way in the stone town of China Guangdong Province Dongguan enterprise

Our company is that one specializes in the car bulb of the tungsten filament and Taiwan investment producers of LED LED of different the shape and various colors, our company produce socket type the intersection of LED and specification have T8 and the intersection of T10 and button head, concave, replace traditional location from new product most of bubble, working voltage is 12V, are usually used on gauge reading automotive. Welcome vast travelling trader's incoming telegram to condescend to inquire and negotiate the business.

Type: Jingweng031


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