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No matter the serial products of mitre angle choose metal-cased or ABS project cabinet, it is relaxed and portable. And can install on light shelf of the broadcasting studio easily. This series of products have contained products such as single colour temperature 5600K, single colour temperature 3200K, a pair of colour temperature,etc., the emergent angle offers 15, 30 degrees of and 52 degrees availably.

The serial products of Brightcast paper-back edition are mainly applied to the broadcasting studio of the special type and shot live. It can the plateform is installed to the crest of indoor, light beam and ground dip angle mitre angle penetrate, and is not perpendicular to the lighting characteristic of the ground and save the space greatly, and well solve the problem that it is with unsatisfactory lamplight effect to result in shooting because afraid it is helped that the lens is worn. The experiment proves, it is a prerequisite of guaranteeing the high-quality lamplight effect to possess Brightcast mitre angle patented technology. In addition, install B100/ 200 gusset plates of option, it is battery-driven to use Sony or Panasonic. Can usually use for 2-6 hours ' Depend on battery capacity and intensity control) ,Or supply power for a long time with DC power adapter.

The mitre angle support patent LED is designed:
The serial products of Brightcast paper-back edition have all employed this patented technology, its purpose lies in guaranteeing every lamp bulb is while the mitre angle slopes on the luminous board, have offered the base pin open electric protection function. This has guaranteed the installation quality of the light further. This technology applies to the broadcasting studio extensively and shoots the crest mitre angle illumination live.

The knob is designed:
The backplate metal knob of high quality of serial products of Brightcast paper-back edition, the switch and adjusts integratively and designing, it is convenient to control, it is fine and smooth to feel. Can realize 0- 100% of the brightness control of the light, a pair of colour temperature and one pair of knobs is designed at the same time, can regulate luminance and colour temperature respectively.

Employ in the broadcasting studio:
The serial products of Brightcast paper-back edition are mainly applied to the broadcasting studio and shot the crest mitre angle illumination live, have saved the space greatly, and well solved the problem that the lens is worn and helped. Use Brightcast mitre angle patented technology to guarantee the result of the light further.

Key feature
The mitre angle support patent LED is designed
The colour temperature of the light can have no grade to adjust among 3200-4200-5600K
0-100% of luminance PWM are adjustable
High accurate colour temperature
Above colour rendering index CRI 90
864 Brightcast specialized high light LEDs make up
Program control and professional LED constant current control chip of the built-in computer are controlled
Pair strains constructional design of board slot
Support the single light and manual brightness control of the network connection
Support the infrared teleswitch, luminance, colour temperature to regulate
Support the international DMX512-1990 standard control protocol, LED digital display screen presumed
Support camera battery and power to supply power
Power input: 12V 6.5A
Maximum power: 31W
The life time is more than 50000 hours
Operating temperature: -40 to 85
Weight: Shelly 2.38Kg outside the core-shell 2.96Kg plastic outside the metal

Type: LRP16-345-15( 30/52) DR-45
Use: Broadcasting studio, shop,etc.
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 12V
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: DC
Authorize: CE
Size: 12 inches

TAG:LRP16-345-15( 30, 52) DR-45

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