Half an outdoor LED display screen die set (P10 Shan Hong)

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Half an outdoor LED display screen die set, Shan Hong die set, P10 Shan Hong
1-100PCS: 56.00 yuan / PCS
The total amount of stock: 1000PCS
Brand: CYD
Type: P10 half outdoor unicolor
Kind: LED die set reveals
Color: Unicolor
Display mode: Roll horizontally
The diameter of picture element: 10 (mm)
Pixel pitch: 10( mm)
The size of die set: 320* 160( mm)
The highlighted gradation of the luminance: 256
Picture element: 10000 o'clock /square meter
Definition: 32* 16
Use the occasion: Indoor

P10 half an outdoor die set
The simple point diameter: 5.0mm
The simple point interval: 10mm
Picture element forms: 1R
Scanning mode: 1/ 4 scanning
Use the occasion: Half an outdoor bar is rejected, rejected etc. in the goal post
Point size horizontal stroke: 32* vertical strokes 16 =512 o'clock
Size: 320MM* 160MM
The density of picture element: 10000 / O
The number of groups of the mould / O: 19.53125
Horizontal visual angle: >

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