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Our company makes the meteorological early warning display screen of many styles.
First, perpetual calender message are rejected
Can increase the function module of voice prompt, report the message pronunciation received while receiving a message.
Product specification: 740* 440* 70mm
Dot matrix: 3.75, single red
The number of words: 8 piece Chinese character ( 16 characters)
Reception mode: GSM message way

Second, meteorological early warning display screen
1,8 word Shan Hong GPRS of single file receives a screen. (have bi-pass that is rejected too)
2,Early warning grade of pure 4 colors.
3,Date, time, the temperature reveals.
4,Tempered glass faceplate, jumbo size.
5,Real-time online of GPRS received information.
6,Receive and remind the sign online.
7,GPRS receive, succeed in, feedbacks online immediately, has overcome the drawback that the message rejects the information one to go not instead.
8,Size: 1100mm* 560mm

Third, GPRS display screen
1,Can indoor of sizes many kinds of /reject exterior singly double-coloredly,there are can flexible for subregion on on-screen display.
2,Support, reveal the specific type while being many kinds of, support the text, picture and form.
3,The long-range transport data of GPRS way, signs, and the automatic repetition function after failing of having, receiving and dispatching, succeeding in, guarantee information is released reliably.
4,Information can reveal regularly and delete regularly.
5,But automatic sending text information, is suitable for connecting ways such as the robot weather station,etc..
6,The software has passwords that is landed and controller's authority is set up, there is information issue that verifies the function, and sensitive word stock filtration function, avoid the misoperation or release the illegal information accident.

Many kinds of meteorological display screens are for you to choose from! Can also customize display screen on request.


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