King general auspicious LED transfer brightness controller ' Constant voltage)

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LED light-adjustment controller
Type: KPR-TG02V-RF (constant voltage type)

It is a touch-type general constant voltage control device that LED adjusts luminance and controls the control device KPR-TG02V-RF remotely, adopt the most advanced PWM at present ' Puls e-width modulation) Control technique; Can control all the intersection of Line four and 3 loop ' Positive pole) altogether LED lamp decoration products. Typical application: LED lamp belt adjusts luminance, dull and stereotyped the light adjusts luminance.

One: Report controller technical parameter:
1,Power: Ordinary battery No. 7 of the three section;
2,Outer cover material: ABS;
3,Fabrication processing: Colored printing and UV transparent ink;
4,The report controller size: 114mm*55mm;
5,Weight: 156g

Two: Control device technical parameter:
1,Working voltage: DC12V/24V is common, output the driving means for constant voltage;
2,Output control: No. 3;
3,Control current: Every No. 6A;
4,Maximum controls the power: Three-way 216W ' 12V voltage) ,432W (24V voltage)
5,Connection mode: The common anode is connected;
6,The frequency of radio: 433.92MHz;
7,Receive the distance: 20M;
8,Grey level: 256 grades;
9,Size: 65mm*55mm*25mm;
10,Weight: 63g

Third, function characteristic
1,The report controller takes the touching activated way of capacitive full-colourful ring, humanization, operation is ocular and convenient.
2,The report controller is brief, esthetic, fashion, top-grade, and stable and reliable, the life time is longer.
3,The control device takes the driving means of constant voltage, the circuit is simple, stable and reliable.
4,Touch the remote control light, the grade that 640,000 grades adjust luminance.
5,The report controller has singly controlled or group control functions.

Fourth, application area:
Suitable for adjusting optical control of products such as soft lamp strip, hard lamp strip, dull and stereotyped light of the control mode of constant voltage,etc..

Pack: 65mm*50mm*120mm
Type: KPR-TG02V-RF
Specification: (constant voltage)
Output: 100000 per year
The customs numbers: 4453963418
Trade mark: Jin PuRui
Colour temperature: Warm and smooth
Use: The commerce lights
Protection grade: IP68
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 220V
Shiny color: White
Diffuser plate: PC/PVC
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: AC
Authorize: CE
The report controller size: 114x56x22mm: The control device size: 65*55*25(mm)

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